Abigail Press

The American Challenge
    Am. Dreams, Vol. 1
    Vol. 1
    Am. Dreams, Vol. 2
    Vol. 2
    The American Challenge is a narrative history that combines the political with the social intellectual approaches to American history. It includes significant amounts of material on the role of women and minorities. For information on the authors, contents, and accompanying reader for each volume, click on the book icon.
Imperial Presidents
    Public Pillars/Private Lives
    The volume attempts to transcend the partisan tone of current American debate and present a balanced assessment of the modern presidents from FDR to Barack Obama. Each essay consists of a biographical portrait, followed by a positive and negative assessment of each man’s tenure in office, and then how he used the executive power. Due diligence of given by the authors to be as even-handed as possible in their evaluations.
Historical Perspectives, Third Edition
    Historical Perspectives, Vol. 1
    Vol. 1
    Historical Perspectives, Vol. 2
    Vol. 2
    Historical Perspectives: A Reader and Study Guide is a series of primary documents and introductory comments to help awaken in the students of United States history an interest in America's past and appreciate the relevance of the course material. Selections cover all periods of United States History, including the Discovery of America, Colonization, the American Revolution, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Westward Expansion, World Wars, the Depression, Cold War, and the Modern Period. For information on the authors, contents, and accompanying reader for each volume, click on the book icon.
The House Divided: America in the Era of Civil War and Reconstruction
    The House Divided deals with the era of the Civil War and Reconstruction not only through discussions of political struggles and military conflict, but also describing the lives of ordinary people, men and women, black and white, through the antebellum era, the war and Reconstruction. Special features include highlighted stories to involve student interest and a selection of primary sources. For information on the author and table of contents, click on the book icon.


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