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Table of Contents for
The American Challenge, Vol. 2

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American Dreams
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Chapter 17 Reconstruction: The Turning Point That Never Turned
Chapter 18 Indian Expulsion and White Settlement in the Trans-Missouri West
Chapter 19 The Rise of Industrial America & the Politics of the New Order
Chapter 20 The Imperial Republic
Chapter 21 The Progressive Reformation of Industrial America
Chapter 22 The “Great” War: World War I
Chapter 23 The Contentious Twenties
Chapter 24 The Great Depression and the New Deal
Chapter 25 Democracy, Fascism, and Communism at War, 1921-1945
Chapter 26 The Origins of the Cold War
Chapter 27 American Culture from 1945-1960
Chapter 28 Reform and Backlash Under Kennedy and Johnson
Chapter 29 Rolling Thunder: The Vietnam War Under Kennedy and Johnson
Chapter 30 The Nightmare Year, 1968
Chapter 31 American Frustration and Decline in the 1970s
Chapter 32 American Culture and the Counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s
Chapter 33 The Rise of Conservatism: Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush
Chapter 34 A Divided America: Bill Clinton to George W. Bush
Chapter 35 Barack Obama and Contemporary America
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