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The American Challenge, Vol. 1

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American Dreams
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Chapter 1 Native Americans and the European Conquest
Chapter 2 The Southern Colonies

Chapter 3

The Northern Colonies
Chapter 4 Creating an American People, 1700-1763
Chapter 5 Origins of the American Revolution
Chapter 6 The United States and the Age of Revolution
Chapter 7 The Critical Period, 1781-1789
Chapter 8 The Federalist Era: 1789-1800
Chapter 9 Jeffersonian America, 1801-1815
Chapter 10 The “Era of Good Feelings”
Chapter 11 Andrew Jackson and the “White Man’s Republic”
Chapter 12 The United States in Transformation, 1830-1850
Chapter 13 The Spirit of Reform, 1820-1860
Chapter 14 America Expands, 1840-1850
Chapter 15 Expansion, Slavery, and Secession: The Road to War
Chapter 16 The American Civil War, 1861-1865
Chapter 17 Reconstruction: The Turning Point That Never Turned
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