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Texas Voices:
Documents and Biographical Sketches

Detailed Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Before European Contact

  • Appeal to the Great Spirit
  • Indians Dancing
  • Wichita Mortar
  • The  Tai-me
  • How They Catch Fish
  • Vignettes
    • The Much-Maligned Karankawas
    • The Comanche before Texas
    • The Lipan Apaches before Comanche and Spanish Dominance in Texas
Chapter 2

The Spanish Invasion of Texas, 1519-1821

  • Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca Encounters Texas Coastal Indians
  • Coronado's Report to Viceroy Antonio Mendoza Sent From Cibola, August 3, 1540
  • The Adventures of Luis de Moscoso Alvarado in Texas
  • The 1783 Census of Texas
  • The Neutral Ground Agreement
  • Spanish Texas Map
  • James Long's Cannon
  • Biographies
    • Esteván
    • Jane Herbert Wilkinson Long
    • José Bernardo Maximiliano Gutiérrez de Lara
Chapter 3

Mexican Texas, 1821-1835

  • Green DeWitt's Empresario Contract, April 15, 1825
  • The Fredonian Declaration of Independence, December 21, 1826
  • General Manuel Mier y Terán's Letter to President Guadalupe Victoria, June 30, 1828
  • The Law of April 6, 1830
  • The Turtle Bayou Resolutions of June 13, 1832
  • An Old-Time Buffalo Hunt
  • Biographies
    • Lorenzo de Zavala
    • Haden Edwards
    • John David Bradburn
Chapter 4

Texas Revolution (October 1, 1835-April 21, 1836)

  • The Texas Declaration of Causes For Taking Up Arms Against Santa Anna, November 7, 1835
  • William Travis's Letter of February 24, 1836
  • Travis's Last Appeal From the Alamo, March 3, 1836
  • Sam Houston's Treaty with the Cherokee Indians, February 23, 1836
  • The Treaty of Velasco, May 14, 1836
  • Fannin's Cannon
  • Biographies
    • James Walker Fannin
    • Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson
    • José de Urrea
Chapter 5

Birth of a New Republic, 1836-1845

  • Hugh McLeod's Description of the Council House Fight
  • Lamar's Address to the People of Santa Fe
  • The Black Bean Episode of the Mier Expedition
  • The Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas to the United States
  • A Proposed Treaty Between Texas and Mexico Supported By the British and French Governments
  • “Delegates Voting on the 1836 Constitution”
  • Battle of Plum Creek
  • Escape from Perote Castle
  • Biographies
    • Juan N. Seguín
    • Duwali (Chief Bowl)
    • Margaret Moffette Lea Houston
Chapter 6

The 28th State in the Union, 1845-1861

  • Article IX of the Texas Constitution of 1845
  • Anson Jones's Valedictory Speech, February 19, 1846
  • Petition for the Emancipation of a Slave
  • A Texan's View of the Mexican War
  • Texas Ordinance of Secession
  • Quanah Parker
  • “The Main Plaza San Antonio as held by the Texas Volunteers under Col. Ben McCulloch on the morning of February 16, 1861.”
  • Biographies
    • Juan Nepomuceno “Cheno” Cortina
    • Elisha Marshall Pease
    • Cynthia Ann Parker
Chapter 7

Texas During the Civil War, 1861-1865

  • An American Diplomat in Matamoros Reports on Confederate
  • Trade With Mexico
  • General John B. Magruder's Plan to Defend Texas
  • An Appeal to Allow Conscripted Soldiers to Remain in Central Texas
  • Hardships during the War, 1863
  • General Gordon Granger's “Juneteenth” Proclamation, June 19, 1865
  • The War in Texas
  • The Attack on Sabine Pass
  • “Confederate Barbarities in Texas”
  • Biographies
    • Richard “Dick” Dowling
    • Santos Benavides
    • John Bankhead Magruder
Chapter 8

Reconstruction in Texas: The Unfinished Civil War, 1865-1874

  • Mrs. L.E. Potts's Letter to President Andrew Johnson
  • Excerpts from Major General George A. Custer's Testimony before the Joint Committee on Reconstruction
  • A Report From a Texas Freedmen's Bureau Agent
  • Letter Describing the Rise of the Ku Klux Klan in Jefferson, Texas
  • President Ulysses Grant Refuses to Aid Governor Davis
  • Visit of the Ku-Klux
  • Biographies
    • Matthew Gaines
    • Edmund Jackson Davis
    • Cullen Montgomery Baker
Chapter 9

Economic and Political Reforms, 1874-1890

  • The Texas Fence-cutting and Fence-gate Laws of 1884
  • The “Cleburne Demands” of the Texas Farmers' Alliance
  • “Dear Sunny South”: A Louisiana Woman Describes Her Trip to Denton County, Texas in 1887
  • Bettie Gay Writes to the Southern Mercury
  • Demands of the Texas Federation of Labor
  • Messenger and Newsboy
  • Biographies
    • Margaret Heffernan Borland
    • Edward “Sancho” Mozique
    • Norris Wright Cuney
Chapter 10

The Populist Movement, 1890-1900

  • The Texas Anti-Trust Law
  • Governor James Hogg Offers John H. Reagan the Post of Railroad Commissioner
  • The Omaha Platform and Expression of Sentiments, July 4, 1892
  • Female Populists Debate Woman Suffrage
  • Bettie Gay Argues for Woman Suffrage
  • Bohemian Farm Family in Texas
  • Biographies
    • Charles William Macune
    • John B. Rayner
    • Bettie Gay
Chapter 11

Society and Culture, 1874-1900

  • A Reward for Sam Bass and Fellow Outlaws
  • A Federal Law Pertaining to Reservation Indians
  • Account of Engagement with Comanche Indians, February 16, 1875
  • Annual Report from General E.O.C. Ord, October 2, 1878
  • Lt. Henry O. Flipper Seeks Vindication
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin—As It Will have to be Played if Johnson Wins
  • Virginia K. Johnson Home
  • Biographies
    • Jack Johnson
    • William Sydney Porter
    • Elisabet Ney
Chapter 12

The Progressive Era and World War I, 1900-1919

  • A Heated Anti-Ferguson Letter
  • Governor William P. Hobby on Prohibition
  • Governor Hobby on Woman Suffrage
  • An Article Linking Prohibition & Suffrage
  • A Link between Woman Suffrage and Race
  • Camp Cotton, El Paso, Texas
  • Biographies
    • George Sherman Conner
    • Minnie Fisher Cunningham
    • Pattillo Higgins
Chapter 13

The Rise of Urbanization, Expanding Opportunities, and the Invisible Empire, 1920-1929

  • Governor Pat Neff's Message to the 38th Legislature on the Establishment of a State Parks System
  • The President of the Texas League of Woman Voters Supports Miriam
  • Ferguson in the 1924 Democratic Primary for Governor
  • A Supporter Writes Governor Miriam Ferguson Concerning Her Pardoning Policies
  • A Citizen Writes Dan Moody about the Governor's Prohibition Stand
  • Legendary Texas Ranger Frank Hamer Reports to Governor Moody on the Sherman Race Riot
  • Looking Backward
  • Biographies
    • Annie Webb Blanton
    • Morris Sheppard
    • Lawrence A. Nixon
Chapter 14

The Great Depression and New Deal, 1929-1940

  • Louisiana Governor Huey Long Invites Texas Governor Ross Sterling to the New Orleans Cotton Conference to Discuss the Cotton Holiday Plan
  • A Protest Against the Imposition of Martial Law by Governor Ross Sterling
  • A Citizen Writes Governor James Allred to Oppose the Appointment of Sarah Hughes to a State District Court Judgeship
  • Emma Tenayuca Discusses Early Influences
  • Lasca Fortassain Discusses San Antonio Mayor Maury Maverick and the La Villita Restoration Project
  • Cotton Spinner
  • Biographies
    • John Nance Garner
    • Sam Rayburn
    • Emma Tenayuca
Chapter 15

World War II and Texas, 1941-1945

  • An Excerpt from a Library of Congress “Man on the Street” Interview Conducted in Austin, Texas after the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor (December 9, 1941)
  • General Henry H. “Hap” Arnold Celebrates the Work of the WASPs at Their Final Graduation Ceremony Sweetwater, Texas (December 7, 1944)
  • A WASP Remembers Her Basic Training at Avenger Field   in Sweetwater, Texas
  • Brigadier General Lillian Dunlap Reflects on the Beginning of Her Career in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II
  • An African American Radioman Recalls His Service during World War II
  • Crystal City Internment Camp
  • Biographies
    • Oveta Culp Hobby
    • Chester Nimitz
    • Macario García
Chapter 16

On the Threshold of Modernization, 1945-1959

  • Thurgood Marshall Discusses the Attitudes of NAACP Leaders Toward Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy
  • House Concurrent Resolution No. 48 Creating the Gilmer-Aikin Committee (August, 1947)
  • The U.S. Supreme Court's Sweatt v. Painter Decision
  • A Shivers Supporter Praises the Governor
  • Excerpt from an Interview with Dr. Isidore J. Lamothe on Segregation in the Medical Field
  • LBJ and the Astronauts
  • Biographies
    • Jack Kilby
    • Gus Garcia
    • Buddy Holly
Chapter 17

The Turbulent Decade: Reform and Reaction, 1960-1972

  • Excerpts from Remarks Intended for Delivery by President John F. Kennedy to the Texas Democratic State Committee, Austin Municipal Auditorium (November 22, 1963)
  • Judge Sarah Hughes Describes Delivering the Oath of Office to Lyndon Johnson Following the Kennedy Assassination
  • Civil Rights Activist James Farmer Discusses Lyndon Johnson
  • Excerpts from President Lyndon B. Johnson's Special Message to Congress Seeking Passage of the Voting Rights Act (March 15, 1965)
  • Rev. Claude William Black Jr. Discusses the Impact of Racial Discrimination in San Antonio
  • Texas Cotton, U.S.A.
  • “Johnson Treatment”
  • Biographies
    • Sarah Hughes
    • Henry B. González
    • Ralph Yarborough
Chapter 18

A Transitional Decade, 1972-1979

  • Barbara Jordan Reflects on Lyndon Johnson
  • Amado M. Peña, Jr. Discusses Changing Influences on His Art
  • Flaco Jimenez Discusses His Early Interest in Music and the Origin of Conjunto
  • Historian Felix Almaraz Discusses Changing Depictions of Hispanics in Film
  • River Walk Jazz Musician Jim Cullen, Jr. Recalls His Club's Start, Describes the Stresses That Can Develop in a Band, and Reflects on Success and Happiness
  • Texas Stadium's Hole
  • Biographies
    • Barbara Jordan
    • John Tower
    • Mary Kay Ash
Chapter 19

Complex Times, 1980-1994

  • President George H. W. Bush Addresses the Texas State Legislature
  • Excerpts from President George H. W. Bush's Remarks at a Fundraising Dinner Honoring Governor Bill Clements in Dallas, Texas (November 10, 1989)
  • Governor Ann Richards' Gridiron Club Speech
  • Governor Ann Richards Defends NAFTA
  • “Did NAFTA Spur Texas Exports?”
  • Bringing America Back!
  • Biographies
    • H. Ross Perot
    • Selena
    • Stevie Ray Vaughan
Chapter 20

The Dawn of a New Century, 1995-2013

  • Excerpts from President George W. Bush's “Mission Accomplished” Speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln
  • “Texas Transitions to Service Economy”
  • ** Selected Texas Voting Statistics, 1970-2012
  • Recession Arrives in Texas: A Rougher Ride in 2009?
  • Actor Jaston Williams's Interesting Beginnings
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Biographies
    • Molly Ivins
    • Michael Dell
    • Larry McMurtry

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