Gender and Sexuality:
Perspectives on LGBT History and
Current Issues in a Changing World
Detailed Table of Contents

Chapter 1Understanding Sexuality in the Nineteenth Century
  • Early Understanding of Homoeroticism and Transgenderism
    • Psychology
    • Sexology
      • Richard von Krafft-Ebing
      • Albert Moll
  • Significant LGBT Activists & Writers of the Late Nineteenth Century
      • Havelock Ellis
      • Karl-Maria Kertbeny (Benkert)
      • Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
      • Magnus Hirschfeld
      • Oscar Wilde
      • Edward Carpenter
      • Henry James
      • Walt Whitman
Chapter 2Sexuality in the Twentieth Century
  • The Impact of Freud
    • The 1920s and 1930s
      • Henry Gerber and Early Civil Rights Efforts
      • The Study of Biological Links to Homosexuality
    • The 1940s and 1950s
      • The Kinsey Reports
      • Increased Government Sponsored Research
  • The Search for a “Cure”
  • Toward Contemporary Perspectives of Sexual Orientation
Chapter 3The Birth of the Gay Civil Rights Movement
  • Foundations Laid During the War
  • Growing Self-Awareness
  • Birth of the Gay Press
  • Barriers to Overcome: Post-War Sexism and Homophobia
    • The Lavender Scare
  • Gay Political Activism in the 1950s
    • Bringing Lesbianism Into the Open
Chapter 4Gay Protest and Rebellion in the 1960s and 1970s
  • The Sexual Revolution and Gay Politics
  • The Influence of Feminism on the Gay Rights Movement
  • Homophobia in the Media
  • Living Dual Lives
  • The Road to Stonewall
  • The Stonewall Riots
  • The 1970s: The First Rays of Acceptance
  • The Inevitable Backlash
  • Harvey Milk and His Legacy
Chapter 5HIV 101
  • Scope of the Problem
    • What is HIV?
    • How is HIV Contracted?
      • What Are the Symptoms of Infection?
      • How Does One Discover if They Have HIV?
    • What is AIDS?
    • Treatment of HIV
  • The Historical Experience of HIV
  • The Development of Public Policy on HIV
  • Federal Funding for HIV Prevention and Treatment
Chapter 6Sociocultural and Historical Impact of HIV/AIDS in the Gay Community
  • Stigma, HIV, and Gay Culture
    • Abstinence and Harm Reduction: Competing Models
    • Some Thoughts on “Culture” and HIV Among Gay Men
    • Cultural Concerns for HIV Risk
      • Bathhouses
      • Sex Parties
      • The Internet
    • Considerations for HIV Risk Practice
      • Age
      • Race
      • HIV and Hispanic Men
      • HIV and African-American Gay Men
      • Substance Use
  • Implications for Future Policy, Research and Clinical Practice
    • Policy
    • Research
    • Clinical Practice
Chapter 7Transgender and Beyond
  • Rate Yourself
  • I Know What That Means to Me
    • Sex and Gender
    • Transgender
    • Transsexual
    • Trans Man and Trans Woman, FTM and MTF
    • Trans and Trans*
    • Other Identities
    • Never Give Up!
    • One More Label!
  • Who Put the T in LGBT?
    • The Other Letters
Chapter 8Transgender Issues
  • Medical and Mental Health Issues
    • The DSM and “Gender Dysphoria”
    • Standards of Care
    • Medical Abuse of Trans People
    • Intersexual Children and Sex Assignment Surgery
    • Transitioning
      • Health Risks
    • The Challenges of Aging
  • Legal Issues
    • Transgender Employment Protections
      • Insurance Coverage
    • Access to Public Accommodations and Housing
    • Marriage Equality
    • Parental Rights
    • Hate Crimes
    Social Issues
    • Interactions with the Cisgender World
      • Transitioning at Work
      • Living and Working with Transgender People
      • Etiquette with Transgender Individuals
    • A Troubled Alliance: Transphobia in the Gay Community
Chapter 9Creating an American LGBT Literary Tradition
  • Prominent White Gay and Bisexual Writers
      • Walt Whitman
      • Edward Prime-Stevenson
      • Tennessee Williams
      • Gore Vidal
      • Allen Ginsberg
      • Edward Albee
      • Matt Crowley
      • Tony Kushner’s Angels in America
  • Noteworthy White Lesbian Authors
      • Emily Dickinson
      • Gertrude Stein
      • Ann Bannon and the Rise of Lesbian Pulp
      • Patricia Highsmith
      • Susan Sontag’s Critique of Camp
      • Rita Mae Brown
  • Voices of Color: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual
      • Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, and the Harlem Renaissance
      • James Baldwin
      • John Rechy
      • Audre Lorde
      • Paula Gunn Allen
      • Gloria Anzaldúa
  • Transgender Literary Activism
      • Kate Bornstein
      • Matt Kailey
      • Max Wolf Valerio
      • Janet Mock
Chapter 10LGBT Characters and Culture in Film and Television
  • LGBT Characters in American Movies
    • Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Significance in Early Film, 1895-1933
    • The Censorship Era, 1908-1956
    • Pansies and Mannish Women, 1934-1956
    • Silly, “Sick,” and “Criminal” Homosexual Characters in 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s
    • Elevated LGBT Characters in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s
    • Characters in Early Twenty-first Century Movies
  • LGBT Issues and Characters in Television
    • Homosexuality Issues on News Programs of the 1950s and 1960s
    • Gay and Lesbian Characters in Television Drama of the 1960s
    • Integration of Homosexual Characters, 1970-1990
    • Mainstreaming LGBT Television in the Twenty-first Century
    • LGBT Presence in Animated Series
    • LGBT Characters in Television Comedies and Dramas
    • LGBT Figures on Talk Shows and Reality Programs
Chapter 11Contemporary Experiences of LGBT People: Health Disparities, Adolescence, and the Queer Movement
  • Important Historical Events of the Twenty-first Century
    • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
    • Hate Crimes Legislation
      • What Exactly is a Hate Crime?
    • Advancing Definitions of Gender
    • Marriage Equality
  • Contemporary Behavioral Health Issues Facing LGBT People
    • Mental Health & Substance Use Disparities
    • A Framework for Understanding Disparities
      • Stress Theory
      • Sexual Minority Stress
  • The Queer Movement
    • Queer Theory


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